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Plan Write® for Business


Integrated Suite of Planning Tools
Plan Write for Business incorporates all the tools you need to write a complete business plan. A full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, and full color charts allow you to focus on your business without the effort of bringing all of the components together.

Customize Your Plan with a Powerful Outline Manager
Each business has its unique needs and purpose for the final business plan. You can add, delete, and move any entry in the plan outline to control the look of the final plan.

Financial Spreadsheets Completely Integrated
Loans, depreciation, taxes, receivables, payables and many other calculations are automatically factored into your Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet.

Charts That Get Attention
Your revenue and market share potential will get the attention of investors and management with colorful charts that are created for you automatically. Plan Write for Business automatically creates nine critical charts and makes it easy to add others.

Best Case / Worst Case Scenarios
Once you have projected your revenue and expenses, Plan Write for Business automates the process of presenting more optimistic projections as well as the potential downsides. Your business plan will be complete.

Financial Spreadsheets Customized to Your Business Model
As you answer questions about your financial needs, the spreadsheets are tailored to your business model.

Milestones to Document Your Objectives
Plan Write for Business helps you document and organize the critical tasks that are foundational to your success. Each task is tied to a number of factors that helps assure you will stay on track.

Business Plan Software
Business Plan Software
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